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The best Samsung tech to get excited about

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Samsung makes great smartphones. From top of the range flagship devices with glorious screens and industry-leading cameras to more affordable handsets that still impress with excellent specs and attractive design.

But of course, Samsung makes a whole lot more than just smartphones. Leaders in the world of technology for decades, Samsung’s products are some of the best you can buy for entertainment, work, and home. There’s a galaxy of products out there.

Let’s start off with a look at some of the products announced at Samsung Unpacked that weren’t smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

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The new Galaxy Watch3 is Samsung’s latest piece of wearable tech and it takes over from the Galaxy Watch Active2 that was released last year. The new Galaxy Watch3 is smaller, thinner, and lighter than the original Galaxy Watch, and it has a bigger screen too at 1.4-inches.

The smartwatch’s main upgrades come in the shape of some big health features. First of all,you can maximise your workouts by measuring your VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen you can use while you’re exercising. You can also use the Galaxy Watch3 to measure your blood-oxygen saturation level - SpO2.

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Sleep tracking is an excellent feature. Getting a good night’s sleep is a vital component of staying healthy. And knowing our sleeping patterns is a great way of identifying problems you may not even know you have, and ultimately getting the right amount of sleep.

The Sleep tracker on the Galaxy Watch3 uses a five-step algorithm that really gets deep into your sleeping rhythms to give a detailed analysis of how you sleep.

The Galaxy Watch3 also has a fall detection system similar, which can send alerts and location information to loved ones should the wearer suffer a fall. Combined with an electrocardiogram and track blood pressure tracker too, the Galaxy Watch3 really does have some impressive features for your health and wellbeing.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

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The Galaxy Buds Live are Samsung’s update of its popular wireless earphones. Galaxy Buds Live have a new feature that really sets them apart from last year’s Buds+ and that’s active noise canceling. Active noise cancelling (ANC) means you can block ambient sounds out from the world, so it’s just you and your music, giving you a truly immersive listening experience.

The Galaxy Buds Live are showing off a new design too. They have a bean-like shape that Samsung claims gives users a more comfortable fit.

Samsung says the Galaxy Buds Live have a microphone for clearer calls, with three mics in each bud making sure you’re always heard when chatting. Bixby is included too, to help out with any queries or commands you have.

There is a catch with these enhanced features, the Galaxy Buds Live do not last quite as long as the Buds+ when it comes to battery life. Expect around 5.5 hours when you’ve got ANC and Bixby on, or 8 hours with those features switched off.

Grab the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

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The new Galaxy Tab S7 has a similar look to older Galaxy Tabs, with some little tweaks and improvements. The display, arguably a tablet’s most important feature, has been upgraded as a start.

That screen is an 11-inch QHD display that really does look great when you’re watching videos, playing games or generally looking at content. And there’s a significant difference between the Tab S7 - a 120Hz refresh rate. At 120Hz, the screen refreshes much faster than lower rates, giving you super smooth scrolling and viewing.

The squared edges of the Tab S7 are also a bit of a departure from previous models. The Tab now looks and feels more like, shhhh, an iPad. It’s sturdy and comfortable to use and hold.

There’s a dual-lens set up on the back where you’ll find a 13MP main camera along with a 5MP ultra-wide. The front camera is 8MP for your selfies and video calls, and is located on the right of the display.

Pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Book S

The Samsung Galaxy Book S is a seriously good-looking laptop. Samsung’s tech always has that premium shine, and the Galaxy S Book is no different. Its full metal body looks great in either the Earthy Gold or Mercury Gray colors, the perfect casing for the 13.3-inch screen. It’s really thin and light too, weighing less than 1kg, so it's comfy to use and carry around with you.

It might not be the right laptop for you if you’re into really complex computing, but for everyday activity, it performs without a hitch.

This Windows 10 laptop also has an exceptional battery. It can last an entire day without needing to be plugged in, making it a truly portable laptop. You’re free to work wherever you want to and not have to worry about being close to a plug socket.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Book S

Samsung SmartThings

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Samsung SmartThings is a wireless hub that connects your smart devices to turn your home into a smart home. Then, you can dive into the ‘Internet of Things’ and get a range of home appliances that are connected to the internet.

With a SmartThings Wi-Fi hub you can control smart lights, speak to your voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can even add products like smart door locks, smart fridges and smart washing machines! And with SmartThings app downloaded on your smartphone, works on both Android and iOS, you can control all your Internet of Things appliances from your mobile device.

Get the Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung Sero Smart TV

The latest Samsung smart TV is certainly a unique piece of tech - it rotates. One for the niche tech heads, the Sero is aimed at people who want to be able to switch a TV from landscape to portrait mode.

With a quick press of a button the Sero turns 90 degrees in a matter of seconds, so you can go from watching TV to seeing a TikTok video on the big screen.

While this probably won't be a device that ends up in every household across the country, with social media content being such a platform these days, don’t be surprised if your favourite influencer is proudly showing off a Sero soon.

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