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Apple iPhone 7 SIM-free deals


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Need a SIM for your iPhone 7?

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Why should I buy an iPhone 7 SIM free?

1) It works out cheaper in the long run

Buying a handset outright and then signing up for a SIM only contract can be hundreds of pounds cheaper than buying the same phone on a standard two-year contract. So if you’ve got the money upfront available to splash out and buy a phone off-contract, it’s well worth considering.

2) You can take your pick of networks

Some smaller networks with very keenly priced SIM only deals, such as TalkMobile, aren’t offering the iPhone 7 on contract from launch.

If you go SIM free with your iPhone 7, you’re not limited to SIM only deals from the biggest networks. You've got a much wider range to choose from.

3) Flexibility

If you sign up for a rolling one-month SIM-only deal, you’re not tied in to a lengthy contract. That means you can switch to another deal if you spot a cheaper contract. Or one that more closely matches the monthly allowances you require.

4) It’s easy to sell your phone when you want a newer model

Suppose a new phone is launched in a year’s time that you like the look of. Because you’re not locked in to a long contract, you’re free to sell your SIM free iPhone 7 on the secondary market whenever you like and put the proceeds towards your next handset.

Why shouldn’t I buy an iPhone SIM free?

If you can afford to pay for your phone upfront, there are no real downsides to doing so. However, the problem is that with the iPhone 7 starting at £599, it’s no small ask to come up with that sort of money.

Conversely, buying a phone on a two-year contract means the cost of the phone is spread over the course of the contract term. That means you’ll pay a comparatively small fee upfront. And on some networks’ contracts, you’ll pay nothing at all.

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