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iPhone 7 Plus SIM-free deals

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Reasons to buy an iPhone 7 Plus SIM-free

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1) It’ll save you money

While buying an iPhone 7 Plus SIM-free means splashing out a big lump sum, it’ll likely save you a lot of money in the long run.

Research shows that you could save hundreds of pounds over the length of a two-year contract by buying an iPhone 7 Plus off-contract.

2) You have your pick of the networks

Unlike getting an iPhone 7 Plus on a contract, which limits you in terms of both networks and usage, if you buy it outright you can choose any carrier you like.

This means that you have the option of choosing a deal from a smaller provider that specialises in cheap SIM-only contracts. Or you can get a plan that gives you a hefty monthly data allowance without breaking the bank. Whatever you’re after, you’ll find a great SIM-only offer that perfectly suits your needs.

3) You don’t have to sign up for a long contract

If you get the iPhone 7 Plus on a monthly contract deal, you’ll almost certainly be tied into it for the next two years.

But buy it outright and you can then get a 12-month or even 1-month rolling contract, leaving you free to switch anytime you see a better deal for you.

4) You can upgrade your phone anytime

And not only does buying a phone off-contract give you the freedom to switch networks whenever you like, you can also upgrade your handset whenever you like too.

Because buying the iPhone 7 Plus outright means that the phone belongs to you, you’re free to sell it on and buy a new device anytime you like.

Reasons to buy an iPhone 7 Plus on a monthly contract

To be honest, if you’ve got the money to get the iPhone 7 Plus off-contract, there’s no reason not to do so.

But it is a lot of cash to fork out in one go. So, if you want the iPhone 7 Plus but can’t afford to buy it outright, a two-year contract will let you spread the cost over a longer period of time.

Want to get the iPhone 7 Plus on a monthly contract? Here’s our best iPhone 7 Plus deals.