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Sky Mobile deals and offers

  • Free data rollover for up to three years
  • Inclusive roaming in 36 locations
  • Unlimited free calls and texts for existing Sky TV customers
Why choose Sky Mobile?

Sky Mobile SIM-only deals pair free data rollover with inclusive roaming in 36 locations in the EU and beyond. Flexible contracts allow customers to change their allowances to suit their usage.

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Sky Mobile lets you change your contract at anytime so you can avoid paying for more than you use, or add on extra data if you keep running out of data. Here are some other benefits of being a Sky Mobile customer.

  • Free data rollover: With Sky Mobile, however, you can roll over unused data at the end of each month and store it in an online ‘piggybank’.
  • Free unlimited texts and calls for Sky TV customers: Existing Sky TV customers can get free unlimited texts and calls when they sign up for one of Sky Mobile’s SIM-only deals.
  • Sky Go Extra app free for up to four devices: Sky+ customers will get the Sky Go Extra app for free on up to four devices. The service normally costs £5 a month, and allows you to stream videos or watch recordings while you're out and about.


Sky Mobile customers can use their UK data, calls and texts allowances in 36 overseas destinations for no extra charge.

For more information, check out our Sky Mobile international roaming FAQ.


Sky Mobile is backed up by O2'S network and offers competitive SIM-only deals with generous data allowances, free data rollover and free calls and texts for existing Sky TV customers.

New customers who don’t have Sky TV can either pay an extra £10 per month for unlimited minutes and texts or they can opt to only pay for what they use, with Sky Mobile charging 10p per text and 10p per minute.

Customer Service

Sky’s customer service centre is open between 8:30am and 11:30pm every day of the week, including weekends. The service can be reached on 0870 280 6390.

Sky has already received awards for its customer service, and has pledged to provide the same levels of satisfaction to consumers who sign up for a SIM-only deal.


Sky Mobile offers three competitive SIM-only price plans.

The data-only deals start at £10 a month for 1GB. For an extra £5 extra per month, this goes up to 3GB of data. Heavier users can pay £20 a month for 5GB.

Sky TV customers will also get unlimited calls and texts thrown in for free, while non-Sky TV customers can pay £10 extra a month for unlimited minutes and texts.

Alternatively, non-Sky TV customers who don’t make many calls or send many texts can go for a pay-as-you-use option, at 10p a text and 10p a minute.

This benefits consumers who prefer to use alternative calling and messaging services, such as Whatsapp and Wi-Fi calling.


Sky Mobile is backed up by O2, so customers can expect average speeds of 10Mbps, according to industry regulator Ofcom’s 2016 study.

O2 has pledged its 4G service will cover 98% of the UK population by 2017. Sky Mobile customers will also be able to take advantage of the 20,000 Sky Wi-Fi hotspots situated throughout the UK.


Sky Mobile was launched in November 2016. Using O2’s network coverage, Sky Mobile is offering competitive SIM-only deals aimed at customers who prioritise data over calls and texts.