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  5. BlackBerry Storm unveiled to take on the iPhone

BlackBerry Storm unveiled to take on the iPhone

The BlackBerry Storm has been launched in the UK, with industry watchers predicting that the feature-rich device is the latest challenge to the supremacy of the iPhone.

Available exclusively through Vodafone and developed in conjunction with RIM, the Storm employs a touchscreen operated user interface and houses a 3.25-inch, 480-by-360-pixel display – the largest ever on a BlackBerry.

The handset is also equipped with a full Qwerty virtual keyboard, which is viewable in its entirety when the phone is turned on its side as well as 3G connectivity for fast web browsing, a 3.2 megapixel camera, media player and GPS to provide you with turn by turn directions to your location.

A Vodafone customer services spokesman has described the public’s response to the Storm, which was delayed by a week, as “phenomenal” with tens of thousands believed to have been sold in its first weekend of availability.

The BlackBerry Storm is available on a two-year contract for £35 per month. Ben Wood, of CCS Insight, told the Times that the new handset is the most credible challenger yet to Apple’s multi-million selling smartphone.

He said: “We’ve seen lots of 'me too' attempts since the iPhone came along, but nothing has lived up to expectations. I thought the first credible contender would come from Helsinki, home of Nokia, or maybe Seoul, but not Waterloo, Canada.

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