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Copy and paste hits the iPhone

iPhone owners who have been lamenting the lack of a copy and paste will lament no more with the news that a way has been developed to allow transfer of text on the handset.

The Pastebud workaroud will work with Mail and Safari and employs web services and Javascript to circumvent the operating system without needing to resort to hacks.

Pastebud is planned to be available sometime this week, but may require approval from Apple’s application vetting body before it can be launched officially.

It is likely to be on offer both in a free less function rich form as well as paid-for version.

iPhone owners can see the copy and pasting function in action at Pastebud’s official site, Gizmodo and a range of other tech-focussed web sites.

Earlier this year, OpenClip attempted to bring copy and pasting to the iPhone, but was stymied by Apple’s updates.

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