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  5. Hackers crack Nokia’s Comes With Music

Hackers crack Nokia’s Comes With Music

A readily available and cheap application has been found to be capable to hacking Nokia’s Comes With Music service, making file sharing a possibility.

The Universal Converter application costs just £15 and according to reports can circumvent the Microsoft Digital Management system allowing users to copy and share songs.

Developed by Tunebite, the software threatens the Comes With Music service which had allowed unlimited downloads with the restrictions that tracks will only be playable on the handset’s owner’s phone.

Comes with Music also blocks sharing files by tying them to the computer used by the handset owner. has reported that Universal Converter works by “playing and re-dubbing the tracks into a non-encrypted file”, adding the whole process takes just seconds per track.

Nokia’s service is available on is XpressMusic range of handsets and allows owners to download an unlimited amount of songs, with the proviso that they remain on the device.

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