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  5. High-end handsets from Nokia bring the bling to mobiles

High-end handsets from Nokia bring the bling to mobiles

New super luxurious high-end Nokia handsets have been unveiled with price tags that run well into thousands of pounds. Credit crunch? What credit crunch.

The handset include an unofficial blingtastic Nokia 8800 which has been customised by Goldstriker in what it dubs the Princess Edition.

Priced at a princely £12,000, it incorporates 8.2 carats of diamonds and a natty solid platinum finish. The case is similarly luxurious, with buyers offered a choice of a granite or marble box.

According to reports, it will be launched at the Paris Collette boutique concept store, which is famed for its one-off pieces.

The phone comes as Nokia is itself raising the stakes for luxury phones in the form of its new Gold Arte handset, exclusive images of which can be viewed on the company’s web site.

Specifications are thin on the ground, but the phone is known to be 18-carat gold plated and comes with white leather casing.

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