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  5. LG unveils 4G modem chip for fast downloads

LG unveils 4G modem chip for fast downloads

LG Electronics has unveiled a new modem chip which it claims can speed up mobile phone downloads by up to eight times from the current maximum.

The company, which is known for its use of high-end materials in its handsets such as the LG Prada II, said the technology represents a new frontier in internet enabled mobile phones.

LG’s 4G chip will operate on the Long-Term Evolution system and promises download speeds of up to 60Mb and upload speeds of 20Mb.

By way of comparison the fastest phones currently available offer download speeds of up to 7.6Mb

Paik Woo-hyun, chief technology officer at LG, told reporters at a press conference: “Now that LG has developed and tested the first 4G handset modem, a commercially viable LTE handset is on the horizon.”

LG is currently staking its hopes for securing a slice of the Christmas market for mobile phones on LG Renoir with a TV campaign currently in heavy rotation.

The mobile is equipped with an eight megapixel camera and advanced imaging technology.

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