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  5. New Metal Gear Solid game sneaks onto iPhone

New Metal Gear Solid game sneaks onto iPhone

The next instalment of the multi-million selling game Metal Gear Solid will be appearing on the iPhone, it has been announced.

Control of the game’s principal character Solid Snake will be entirely via the touchscreen, adding a new tactile dimension to its gameplay.

Game site 1Up reports that it will be called Metal Gear Solid Touch and that there will be eight stages as well as downloadable wallpapers.

News of the game comes as Konami recently confirmed that this month will see the release of Silent Hill: The Escape, Frogger and DanceDanceRevolution S Lite for Apple’s handsets.

The launch of the high-end games from Konami coupled with the recent release of SimCity, should help dispel some of the criticism over the games that have thus far appeared on the platform.

Metal Gear Solid is the brainchild of reclusive games genius Hideo Kojima and is credited with inventing the stealth-em-up genre.

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