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O2 launches new application centre

O2’s has unveiled a new application centre along the lines of those from Google, Apple and Nokia.

According to O2 the centre which is named Litmus is intended to provide a platform where “mobile enthusiasts and application developers can come to together", with Windows Mobile, Symbian, Java ME, Flash, BlackBerry, Linux and Unix applications available.

The community aspect of the enterprise is underlined by the facility it offers for consumers to offer feedback to developers in forums.

James Parton, head of O2 Litmus, said on his blog: "What you see here is the culmination of a long journey during which we have spent a lot of time talking to O2 customers, application developers and industry expert types to ensure O2 Litmus is not just another 'me too' offering, but something truly unique and valuable."

Perhaps curiously, despite O2 being the official network provider for the iPhone Litmus does not contain applications for Apple’s multi-million selling mobile phone.

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