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SimCity on way to the iPhone

The iPhone is about to get its first triple A game in the form of the multi-million selling SimCity.

Developed by Electronic Arts (EA), the game has already been seen by gaming site Kataku, which lavished munificent praise on it and lauded the way that the rich world offered by PC versions has been crammed into the mobile gaming port.

Kotaku’s reviewer stated: “Whatever you do, though, don't go thinking this is SimCity Lite.

“This mobile version is fully featured, with pre-built cities, accountant recommendations, water pipes, natural disasters, etc. The works.”

Control of the game will be via the touch screen, with the handset’s multi-touch system used for zooming in on your cityscape, as well as the iPhone’s Qwerty keyboard.

SimCity involves the player taking the role of mayor of a town, with responsibility to ensure that amenities and town planning are managed effectively.

EA’s Sim City spin-off title the Sims is the best-selling computer game of all time, appearing on consoles as well as PCs.

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