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  5. Apple-certifed battery launched for iPhone

Apple-certifed battery launched for iPhone

The first-ever iPhone battery pack to be certified by Apple has been unveiled in the UK, it has been announced.

The Mophie Juice Pack 3G is priced £67 and according to its manufacturers can almost double the life of your iPhone.

This would mean that owners can expect power for up to 350 hours when the phone is in standby mode, or up to six hours of voice internet use and 28 hours of music playback.

Users will however, have to suffer a slightly heavier iPhone, since Mophie’s device is heavier than the standary battery and simply straps to the back of the phone, rather than replacing the official battery.

News of the launch of the battery pack comes after Apple have had to fend off criticism that battery life on the iPhone is inadequate, with one mobile site describing it as the handset’s Achilles heel.

Apple recommends that owners who find their battery runs out too quickly to turn off applications they are not using and accessing e-mail less frequently.

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