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  5. Brits baffled by array of mobile phone functions

Brits baffled by array of mobile phone functions

The increasing complexity of new generation mobile phones are proving a turn-off to millions of consumers, it has been revealed.

In a study conducted by Mformation, close to two-thirds of Britons polled confessed that they are not using new services and applications because they were flummoxed by their complexity.

Also dissuading consumers from upgrading is the complexity of setting up a new mobile phone, with a similar proportion claiming that they found the challenge of setting up the phones for use too onerous.

Matthew Bancroft, vice president of the research company, called on mobile phone companies to take the findings onboard and develop simpler operating methods.

He said: "Operators and device manufacturers need to remove barriers to service uptake and unlock the true power of advanced mobile technology.

"The message from consumers is that phone setup is simply too complex. Clearly, this needs to be addressed. 'Up and running straight out-of-the-box' means exactly that, and our research shows that improving this aspect of the mobile phone purchasing experience will help to improve profitability for many players in our industry."

Of the 4,000 respondents, 95 per cent said they would give new services a try if they were easier to access.

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