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  5. LG grabs more of global mobile phone market

LG grabs more of global mobile phone market

LG has usurped Motorola to become the third largest share of the global mobile phone market, new figures have shown.

A study conducted by Digitimes reveals that LG shipped just over 100 million units in 2007, while Motorola shipped slightly less than 100 million units to slide to fourth place.

Motorola’s share of the UK market also declined over the period, falling to five per cent.

Conversely, Nokia continues to dominate in the UK with 43 per cent of the market.

Guy Widdowson, senior business researcher at Which?, attributed Nokia’s enduring popularity to the quality of much-sought after handsets such as the Nokia N95.

He said: “Motorola has failed to recreate the popularity that the Motorola Razr mobile phone enjoyed several years ago, while Nokia continues to produce 'hero products' such as the Nokia N95. Nokia certainly seems to know the market very well and caters for a very broad taste.”

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