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  5. BlackBerry Bold given luxury makeover

BlackBerry Bold given luxury makeover

BlackBerry is poised to unveil a limited-edition version of its hugely successful Bold handset.

The new phone, called the Tellor, sees the Bold given a luxury makeover and is limited to just 50 units.

In a move set to outrage animal rights protestors, buyers are able to select from a range of animal hide finishes including alligator, ostrich, stingray and lizard.

They can also choose from a selection of logos and patterns which appear on the back of the phone, such as a Celtic Cross.

Adding to the high-end feel, meanwhile, is the incorporation of 205 diamonds festooned on its shell.

Somewhat surprisingly the launch of the costly high-end phone comes at a time when BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion is believed to want to cut prices of its products so as to target the consumer market for mobile phones.

Previously, the high cost of BlackBerrys has put them out of reach of younger consumers and has meant that they are chiefly owned by business users.

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