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  5. Don’t believe the iPhone Skype hype

Don’t believe the iPhone Skype hype

This morning it emerged that Skype is coming to more mobile phones. As of tomorrow, iPhone owners will be able to use the service. And then a month later, it’s set to be the turn of BlackBerry users.

You’ve only to look at the fuss caused by Nokia’s announcement that it plans to offer the service pre-installed with its phones to see how game-changing and seismic this development could be for the mobile phone sector. For those at the back or who weren’t paying attention, Nokia has since reportedly been given an icy reception by networks who fear that their revenue will dry up. There have even been threats of a boycott Nokia phones.

But if networks' concerns are perhaps more justified in the case of Nokia at the same time you can’t help feeling that their worries over iPhone Skype might be a little premature. As it stands, the app only works with a wi-fi network, so it’s hardly a convenient way of making a call. And just as likely as to limit usage is the fact that unless you have the application open when a friend calls they’re unlikely to be able to reach you.

For now at least the networks and the subsidised handset business model on is based is safe - on the iPhone at the very least.

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