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iPhone is driving growth of mobile gaming sector

The iPhone has become the leading platform for mobile gaming and is driving unprecedented growth for the sector, a new survey from Juniper Research has revealed.

In a study conducted by the firm it was revealed that the value of the mobile gaming sector worldwide grew by 20 per cent last year to hit $5.4 billion.

Juniper said that the rise was attributable to the “remarkable volume” of games downloads for the iPhone, which offset a slackening demand for Java downloads in western Europe and north America.

Report author Dr Windsor Holden said: “The combination of iPhone and the Apple App Store has galvanized the mobile games industry.

"Apple has provided an innovative device which enables developers to create smooth, compelling, visually attractive games for the mobile user, together with a business model offering a highly competitive revenue share for developers."

Dr Holden also predicted that more and more games will be funded by advertising in years to come and said that he expected over half of all titles to financed this way by 2012.

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