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  5. Nokia Bluetooth headsets set new standards for style

Nokia Bluetooth headsets set new standards for style

Mobile phone headsets have until now been fairly functional plain bits of kit. But all that looks to have changed today with the announcement of the five winners of Nokia’s Music Almighty Contest.

Challenged to design headsets which would be produced as one-off designs, with the proviso that they must be inspired by popular songs, the contest has brought out the best in young creatives across the globe.

Among the winners was a fun, cartoony set inspired by Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which took its brief seriously enough to include a yellow-eyed werewolf. Just as good was the entrant themed around R Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly. Belying the schmaltz of said record, the headset is truly the stuff of fantasy with angel’s wings and flecks of gold.

But our favourite was the Daft Punk design. Fashioned out of cool silvery material and a retro LCD display, it’s easily one of the most stylish gadgets we’ve ever seen. And were Nokia to bring it to mass production, we think it might just change the image of Bluetooth headsets overnight.

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