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  5. Nokia drops N73 from plans for N-Gage

Nokia drops N73 from plans for N-Gage

Nokia’s top-selling N73 has been dropped from the company’s plans for its N-Gage gaming service, a spokesperson for the Finnish telecommunications giant has revealed.

Speaking to the Reuters news agency, a representative of Nokia said that the decision has been taken because the N73 lacks the technical specifications for the new games that are now appearing on the service.

Previously, Nokia had stressed its support for the N73 as a gaming device and had repeatedly said that it would enable N-Gage games to be played on it imminently.

The N-73 is Nokia’s best-selling handset, having sold some 20 million units worldwide since its launch.

News of the move comes as Nokia appears to be benefiting from a surge in uptake for the N-Gage service, which now has around one million members registered at its online community.

In October just 400,000 people had created profiles at the site.

The increase is apparently being driven principally by the company’s decision to pre-install N-Gage on its newer handsets.

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