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O2 to offer iPhones for free

UK consumers will soon be able to get an iPhone for free on O2, according to reports.

The 8GB version of Apple’s mobile phone handset will be available for free to all customers who sign up for a two year contract from April 3rd.

This carries a monthly tariff of £34.26, which entitles customers to 600 voice minutes, 500 texts, visual voicemail as well as an unlimited UK data allowance, Mobile News reports.

Meanwhile, the 16GB version of the iPhone will be free for those who sign up for a £44.05 per month tariff entitling them to 1200 minutes and 500 texts.

Both contracts offer access to more than 9,500 Wi-Fi hotspots via the Cloud and BT Openzone.

Peter Rampling, UK marketing director at Telefonica 02, said: “The iPhone has been hugely popular with over one million units sold in the UK.

“This new 24 month tariff option will meet the demand of customers who are looking for added value in exchange for committing to a longer contract.”

News of the price cut has prompted renewed speculation that a new, updated iPhone is due to arrive on O2 later this year.

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