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  5. Unauthorised iPhone application stores on the way

Unauthorised iPhone application stores on the way

Unauthorised iPhone applications markets are springing up online, in a direct challenge to Apple's attempts to control which apps are suitable for its customers.

The first to launch is the Cydia store, which is the brainchild of Jay Freeman and will enable customers to buy applications which have been rejected by Apple.

Mr Freeman first made waves last year after developing the Cydia application that allows iPhone owners to install unapproved software.

Meanwhile, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), two further unofficial application stores are set to be unveiled in weeks to come.

One of these is called Rock Your Phone, which is said to make installing banned apps much easier by circumventing Apple’s software lock.

The WSJ did not name the second site but revealed that it would focus chiefly on adult content.

News of the imminent site launches follows mounting criticism of Apple’s perceived heavy-handed approach to censorship of applications.

Pressure from consumers has already seen the company relent on its policy of barring the sale of novelty applications, such as Pull My Finger.

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