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  5. Vodafone and O2 network sharing plan will benefit everyone

Vodafone and O2 network sharing plan will benefit everyone

Welcome news arrived for O2 and Vodafone customers this week with the announcement that they could soon be enjoying cheaper calls. The mooted reduction in tariffs would be made possible by the cost savings accruing to the two companies once plans to share their networks come to fruition. Better yet, the scheme also promises to improve reception in rural areas for mobile phone users and enable millions of people to get more out of their 3G handsets.

But it’s not just customers who take their phone services from O2 and Vodafone who will benefit. By sharing networks, the number of new masts that will have to put up to ensure coverage will halve. Thus, we’ll all enjoy a cleaner, greener environment.

The only downer in all this is that it took the chill wind of an economic downturn to bring the plan about. But if these are the kind of benefits that accrue when networks are pooled, we’d like to see the sharing scheme made permanent.

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