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  5. Voice-activated searches come to BlackBerrys

Voice-activated searches come to BlackBerrys

Google has brought voice-activated search functionality to BlackBerrys with a new free to download application.

The Google Mobile app enables BlackBerry owners to simply hold down the Talk button on their handsets and speak the search term into the phone. Alternatively, they can use the keypad to conduct searches in the traditional manner.

Compatible with Google’s My Locations feature, the app also harnesses GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular triangulation to base its search results on your location.

Luca Zanolin, a mobile app engineer at Google, explained the benefits of the app in a Google Mobile blog post.

He stated: "If you're like us and hate typing on that tiny keyboard, you'll be glad to hear that Google Mobile App on your BlackBerry will let you search with your voice and with My Location.”

Additionally, users will benefit from shortcuts to a host of Google services such as Maps, News, Reader and Gmail.

The app is currently available only for BlackBerry phones which run on OS 4.1 or higher, but is expected to debut on the touchscreen operated BlackBerry Storm in months to come.

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