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Watchmen on the way to iPhone

The cast of broken-down superheroes from the blockbuster movie The Watchmen will star in an iPhone game.

Entitled Watchmen: Justice is Coming, the tie-in will take the form of a massively multiplayer online game.

Gameplay involves one-on-one battles, with players able to perform an array of fighting moves by tapping different areas of the iPhone’s touchscreen.

Also included is a social networking facet, thanks to the game’s built-in chat function.

It is thought that there are five distinct gaming areas to explore, which will reflect the gritty look of the film.

The Watchmen movie is expected to be one of 2009’s biggest cinema releases and has been trailed extensively for months.

It is based on a graphic novel by comic book auteur Alan Moore, who is credited by many as bringing more mature storylines and character development to the medium of comics.

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