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  5. BBC begins live TV programming for mobile phones

BBC begins live TV programming for mobile phones

A live television service from the BBC is now available for users of selected mobile phones.

Dubbed Live TV, the beta version of the service broadcasts pictures using wireless networks as opposed to 3G.

Currently, Live TV is only compatible with a handful of mobile phones, such as Nokia’s flagship handsets the Nokia 5800 and the N96, but is expected to be usable on a range of manufacturers' models when it launches officially.

The BBC is keen to stress, however, that in order to stream the content users must ensure they have a TV licence.

A caveat on its site warns: "It is a criminal offence to watch 'live' television without a TV licence or to possess or control a device which you know or reasonably believe will be used to watch 'live' TV without a TV licence.”

In order to begin watching the service, handset owners must visit and click on continue.

Visitors will then be asked to click on a channel and select a programme, after which point RealPlayer will load up and the programme is delivered to their mobile phone.

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