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  5. Demand for BlackBerry handsets helps RIM defy crunch

Demand for BlackBerry handsets helps RIM defy crunch

Sales of BlackBerry mobile phones during the Christmas period have helped Research in Motion (RIM) post better-than-expected fourth-quarter profits.

Strong demand for its range of high-end mobile phones, such as the BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Pearl, saw the company record a profit of £396.6 million for the period.

This equates to earnings of 90 cents (61p) per share and represents a rise of 90 per cent from the same period last year.

The performance was significantly better than had been anticipated, with analysts quizzed by Thomson Reuters forecasting around 84 cents (56p) per share.

A statement from RIM co-chief read: "RIM experienced an extraordinary year in fiscal 2009, shipping our 50 millionth BlackBerry smartphone and generating $11 billion [£7.45 billion] in revenue."

News of sustained demand for BlackBerry smartphones comes in the week that the company launched App World – a marketplace for applications intended to rival to Apple’s App Store.

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