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  5. Consumers shunning Nokia's ComesWithMusic service

Consumers shunning Nokia's ComesWithMusic service

Nokia’s all you can eat music download service has failed to attract mass consumer support, according a music consultancy, despite promoting the service with a massive advertising campaign.

MusicAlly claims that just 23,000 UK consumers have signed up for Nokia’s ComesWithMusic bundle since its launch.

Den Drury, chief executive of 7Digital, said the disappointing figures are down to Nokia’s decision to install access restriction technologies as part of the service.

He told the Register: "Consumers are voting with their wallets and going for high-quality MP3 rather than the DRM-crippled tracks that the Nokia service offers.

"Why would you download music in a format that is so restrictive, when you can get the same music in a universal format that can be played and shared across any music enabled device?"

The ComesWithMusic service is packaged with a range of Nokia music phones, including the touchscreen 5800 and the N95 8GB.

It is also expected to be on offer with forthcoming handsets such as the N97 and the 5030, both of which are due for launch this year.

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