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  5. Eco phones need effective promotion to go mass market

Eco phones need effective promotion to go mass market

Green mobile phones look set to remain a niche concern for the foreseeable future - that's if a new study is to be believed. In a poll conducted by moneysupermarket, it was discovered that nearly nine out ten (88 per cent) of Britons do not consider a mobile’s green credentials a critical factor when selecting a handset.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, among the public’s most important considerations were battery life and durability. And even less surprisingly given the economic climate, their number one concern was cost.

The study’s findings come at a time when the mobile phone industry is bringing host of greener handsets to market. Take, for example, the Motorola W233 Renew. Touted as the most eco-friendly handset so far, it is manufactured from 100 per cent recycled material. Then there’s the Samsung Blue Earth phone, which is the first-ever solar-powered touchscreen mobile phone.

In view of the indifference apparent in the survey towards green concerns, these models are unlikely to challenge the likes of the N97 and the iPhone for sales in the short term. But we think it’d be a mistake to write off eco phones’ prospects in years to come.

That’s partly because at present, green handsets are allocated a fraction of the marketing budget of such flagship phones. Could consumers’ apparent lack of interest in them be more to do with the fact that they’re unaware even of their existence? Were a network to stick its neck out and heavily promote them, who is to say that they wouldn’t find a market?

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