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iPhone app developers defying downturn

In these straitened times, there aren’t too many feelgood news stories to be had – especially in the financial sector. But of those that have hit the headlines of late, an amazing proportion have involved the iPhone App Store and the success enjoyed by novice developers.

Earlier this year, we heard how a nine-year-old boy from Malaysia had helmed a finger-painting application that charmed its way onto thousands of handsets. His success had been preceded by another enterprising sort in the form of Kostas Eleftheriou, who raked in over £40,000 for its iSteam app.

And they’re not alone. Ethan Nicholas apparently earned £20,000 in a single day from his iShoot app. Then of course, there’s Joel Comm, whose success illustrated that PT Barnum’s maxim about how “no-one ever went broke by underestimating public taste” still holds sway. According to the Times, at one stage his iFart flatulence simulator was earning him a whopping £5,000 every day. That’s a figure that won’t be trumped (sorry) for some time.

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