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  5. iPhone upgrade boosts app storage space

iPhone upgrade boosts app storage space

The new firmware upgrade for the iPhone will allow users to store more applications on their handset, it has been reported.

According to Ars Technica, the update will see the number of applications that can be kept on the phone increase from 148 to 180.

This change is believed to have been instigated by Apple at the behest of consumers who found the limit restrictive.

The new Apple 3.0 software is due to arrive in the summer, with many bloggers and Apple fans anticipating that its launch will coincide with the latest version of the iPhone.

Further details of the upgrade have been the source of much speculation in recent weeks.

However, much of the guesswork has been confirmed this week at the CITS Show in Las Vegas where iPhone software senior vice president Scott Forstall substantiated rumours that the phone will feature copy and paste and picture messaging.

Apple’s decision to omit to include a copy and paste function from the iPhone has been the source of much disgruntlement among owners of the phone.

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