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  5. LG’s Transformers phone is less than meets the eye

LG’s Transformers phone is less than meets the eye

News reaches us today that LG has collaborated with Dreamworks for a limited-edition mobile phone emblazoned with Transformers livery. It’s a fine looking handset. And judging by the stir it has already created on tech blogs, it’s likely to enjoy strong demand from fanboys the world over.

But while we appreciate that it’ll be nice to have a phone featuring graphics from what must stand as one of the greatest toy lines of all time, we can’t help feeling that an opportunity has been missed. This is essentially just a cosmetic respray of LG Viewty with a few natty animations. And with no real USP, it’s actually less than meets the eye.

At Top 10 Mobile Phones, we’d like to have seen a handset that took the Transformers’ aesthetic to a more natural conclusion. Perhaps as well as being a fully functional mobile phone it could have transformed into something else entirely with a few deft twists on the part of the user. Or less ambitiously, maybe it could have come with some exclusive apps or a Transformers game?

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