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  5. Orange confirms May release date for LG Viewty Smart

Orange confirms May release date for LG Viewty Smart

The new edition of the LG Viewty will appear on Orange in May, it has been confirmed.

According to reports, LG’s new cameraphone, which had previously been referred to by its working title of the LG Viewty II, will be dubbed the LG Viewty Smart.

The name has been chosen to reflect the fact that the eight megapixel cameraphone features an “intelligent shot mode” which is intended to equip less able photographers with the skills to capture impressive images.

LG, which appears to be pitching the phone as a replacement for a dedicated digital camera, has also equipped the handset with a Schneider-Kreuznach lens and a high-quality video recorder that offers “DVD-quality” footage with DivX and XviD playback.

However, the handset is likely to encounter stiff competition this year, with a range of rival mobile phone manufacturers also planning high-end cameraphones that bring new, advanced imaging capabilities to mobile phones.

Sony Ericsson is poised to unveil its Idou phone, which comes equipped with a 12 megapixel camera, while Nokia is preparing for the release for the eight megapixel N86.

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