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  5. Vodafone delays HTC Magic release date for second time

Vodafone delays HTC Magic release date for second time

The UK release date for the HTC Magic has slipped again, with the Android-powered phone now not due until May 5th.

Previously, Vodafone, which is the sole UK carrier of the handset, had planned to launch the phone on April 17th.

However, due to "a last minute hardware change", the release date was subsequently postponed until May 1st.

Now Vodafone has named a new launch date of May 5th, but has yet to explain the reason for the latest delay.

Vodafone will be offering the HTC Magic for free when customers sign up for an 18-month contract priced at £35 per month as well as on £30 per month plans over 24-month contracts.

Meanwhile, consumers who opt for an 18-month £30 per month deal will pay £195 for the phone, whilst those who sign up for £15, £20 or £25 a month plans are to be charged £293.

The HTC Magic will be the second mobile phone to be released in the UK to feature Google’s Android operating system, following the highly successful T-Mobile G1.

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