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  5. Nokia showcases budget 3G mobile phones

Nokia showcases budget 3G mobile phones

Nokia showcases budget 3G mobile phones

Nokia has unveiled three new mobile phones offering 3G functions for a budget price.

The Finnish mobile phone giant’s new models are dubbed the 2730 Classic, which has been described as the cheapest-ever 3G mobile phone, the 2720 Fold and the 7020.

All three of the handsets are internet-ready and support Nokia services such as Ovi Mail and Life Tools.

The new mobile phones are aimed principally at buyers in emerging markets, but could also find favour among cash-strapped consumers in the developed world.

Alex Lambeek, vice president at Nokia, said that the decision to launch budget internet-enabled mobile phones was driven by research showing that almost half of consumers in the developing world would rather connect to the internet via a mobile phone than a PC.

Mr Lambeek said: “The power of the internet is undeniable. Whilst many people are still primarily using voice and text, the Internet does offer a whole new range of opportunities."

Nokia’s release schedule for this year will also include high-end handsets, such as the successor to the N96, the N97.

The N97 will arrive on Vodafone in July, but is available now to pre-order sim-free from Nokia’s website.

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