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O2 wins rights for Palm Pre

O2 wins rights for Palm Pre

O2 will be the official UK network carrier of the Palm Pre but will not be able to sell the phone until months after its US release, the Guardian reports.

According to the newspaper, the mobile phone network has overcome stiff competition from Orange and Vodafone to win the rights to sell the PDA in the UK.

However, the handset is only expected to appear in stores in time for Christmas – up to six months after it is set to go on sale in the US.

The delay is thought to be due in part to stock shortages, with many analysts forecasting that Palm will even struggle to fulfill demand from American buyers.

The decision to partner with O2 is likely to fuel speculation that the network has lost out on the forthcoming third edition of the iPhone.

Standout features of the Palm Pre include a sizeable touchscreen, a full slide-out Qwerty keyboard, 8GB of internal memory, GPS, Wi-Fi and a changeable battery to make usage more flexible.

Current-gen devices from Palm include the Palm Treo 500v and the Palm Treo Pro.

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