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Samsung i8910 HD lands on Orange

Samsung i8910 HD lands on Orange

The Samsung i8910 HD is available now in the UK on Orange, offering high-end video capabilities and the world’s largest AMOLED screen.

Previously known as the Samsung Omnia HD, the re-named cameraphone is available on contract deals with Orange starting from £29.36 per month over 24 months.

Samsung’s handset stands out for its impressively sized 3.7-inch screen, which the company claims is the largest AMOLED display yet seen on a mobile phone, and the facility it offers for HD video recording and playback.

The smartphone is also equipped with an eight megapixel camera, with smile shot, face detection and autofocus, as well as an FM radio, e-mail document viewer and an onboard music player.

Samsung’s i8910 HD is the first in a range of high-profile handset launches planned by the Korean manufacturer this year.

These include the I7500 and the Bigfoot, both of which employ Google’s Android operating system, and an as-yet-unnamed 12 megapixel cameraphone.

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