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Third-gen iPhone due July 17th?

Third-gen iPhone due July 17th?

The third-generation iPhone will be unveiled in two months time, it has been reported.

According to an unnamed source at Apple cited by, the new handset will appear on July 17th.

Apple, which has still not even confirmed the existence of the new handset, has yet to comment on the rumours.

However, the release dates for previous editions were in June and July, adding credence to the reports.

Specifications for the new device have been the source of much speculation, with rumours suggesting that rather than hugely upgrading the handset Apple will instead opt to improve it only incrementally.

When the handset does arrive it will be launched into a highly competitive market, in which it will be forced to tussle with the forthcoming Palm Pre and the Nokia N97 for market share.

The Palm Pre and N97 are due for launch in June and July respectively.

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