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  5. JCB and Sonim battle it out for toughest phone title

JCB and Sonim battle it out for toughest phone title

Landing today on Top 10 Mobile Phones and available in high-visibility yellow and a subtler black colour scheme, the Enduro prides itself on its Terminator-style ability to take a knocking and keep on rocking. And we’re happy to report that this is no idle bar room boast.


We dropped our test handset from two metres and it barely registered a scratch. We then subjected it to the kind of merciless dunking treatment once reserved for medieval witches and possessed children. After submersion for half an hour, not only are we now certain that the phone isn’t harbouring Beelzebub but we were able to make a call instantly.

However, just as Kryponite could bring Superman to his knees, we’re sure there’s a chink in its armour somewhere. If you’ve got any more tests you’d like us to perform on the Enduro, let us know below. The more wantonly destructive, the better.

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