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  5. Let’s call time on kiddie mobile phone furore

Let’s call time on kiddie mobile phone furore

The arguments against, it seems, are two-fold. On one hand the Firefly is being opposed because it erodes childhood. On the other, familiar stories about the effect of mobile phone radiation on health are being aired.


We can see where the anti-lobby is coming from. But surely, their objections can be discounted purely because the phone will most likely be intended for use only in emergencies. That means it won’t be near little ‘uns heads for anything like long enough to cause any damage or impact on their ability to socialise face-to-face.

One thing is for sure, however, and that is that a readymade market for the Firefly exists. Since launching in Ireland 85,000 units have been sold. We’d be amazed if the handset doesn’t become a similar success over here.

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