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LG prepping Android mobile phones

LG prepping Android mobile phones

LG is planning to bring three as-yet-unnamed Android mobile phones to market this year, it has been announced.

Chang Ma, LG’s vice president of marketing strategy for mobile communications, has revealed that the new mobile phones will appear during the third and fourth quarters of 2009.

Speaking to the Dow Jones news agency, Mr Ma was also bullish over the mobile phone manufacturer’s prospects this year and claimed that the market as a whole was in better shape than had been anticipated.

He said: “The market is actually holding up versus last year... I think the recession impact is less than what we expected last year.”

Last year, the company sold some 100.7 million mobile phones across the globe, buoyed by the popularity of handsets such as the LG KM900 Arena, which is available now from Top 10 Mobile Phones in an exclusive pink shade.

LG also enjoyed success with the two million-selling LG KP500 Cookie.

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