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  5. Sony Playstation mobile phone on the way at last?

Sony Playstation mobile phone on the way at last?

Speculation that Sony is going ahead with the gaming focused mobile phone have been circulating since 2007. Since then, we’ve heard that the company could be going it alone with the handset, or that it will collaborate with its joint venture partner Ericsson. But there’s been nothing official from either company to confirm the rumours.


Today, however, some real flesh appears to have been put on the story. According to Japanese financial daily Nikkei, Sony has put together a crack team of in-house developers to work on a Playstation-branded phone who’re due to start work next month. The story was broken to the western world by the sober suited, serious-minded business heads at Reuters.

The sharp-eyed among you will notice that an official confirmation is still glaringly missing from the reports. However, we think that fact that such reputable sources should run with the story means that the handset is about to become reality. At last.

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