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  5. Stock shortages quash hopes of budget iPhone

Stock shortages quash hopes of budget iPhone

However, today those predictions look more than a little bit wide of the mark. If internet chatter is to be believed, retailers all over the globe are reporting shortages of the original edition of the phone. Now, it could be that Apple is simply limiting stocks for a limited period to boost demand for its mooted forthcoming third-gen phone. But we don’t think so.

Apple iPhone_big3_357

Rather, we’d venture that Apple is set to discontinue the first edition of the handset for good. And while this may be unpopular among teens who have thus far been priced out of iPhones, even we have to admit that it makes good commercial sense for Apple. That’s especially the case given that the current-gen iPhones are still selling well enough to suggest that the incrementally upgraded new model might not be as sought-after as the company thinks.

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