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  5. LG GD910 Watch Phone arriving in August on Orange

LG GD910 Watch Phone arriving in August on Orange

LG GD910 Watch Phone arriving in August on Orange

The LG GD910 Watch Phone is due for release next month on Orange, following six months of fevered anticipation.

First unveiled in December last year, the LG GD910’s eye-catching watch-shaped appearance generated a storm of excitement on blogs and technology sites.

Now it has emerged that Orange has sealed the exclusive rights to offer the handset for sale in the UK and is poised to bring it to market at some stage during August.

Terms have yet to be confirmed, but according to Orange the mobile telephone will be available for a limited period "at an exclusive price point on either Orange pay as you go or SIM-only". There appear to be no plans at present for contract deals.

Tom Alexander, chief executive officer of the carrier’s UK division, said: "The Watch Phone is the must-have gadget of 2009. It's handcrafted, exclusively limited, and will turn heads on the high street.

"Our ambition is to become the best loved communications brand in the UK... to help us achieve this, we have secured some of the most original and innovative devices available.

"The Watch Phone is the first of these devices, all focused on bringing a 21st-century experience to our 21st century customers."

Features of the LG GD910 include HSDPA support for fast downloads at up to 7.2Mb, video calling, Bluetooth and a 1.43-inch touchscreen.

Earlier this year, sWaP launched a rival handset in the form of the sWaP watch phone.

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