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  5. Tacktastic London Calling phone clashes with everything

Tacktastic London Calling phone clashes with everything

Installed with 15 ‘iconic images of London’ (it says here) and featuring ringtones of Rule Britannia and God Save the Queen, the London Calling phone is nothing short of the mobile equivalent of a trip to those temples to tourist tat that clog up Tottenham Court Road.


Alas we’re not told whether the images feature a punk making a 'scary' face at the camera or some comedy breasts painted to look like eyes - images scorched onto Londoners retinas from countless offensive postcards. But we can’t see how on earth it can’t.

And the price of this gaudy lump of plastic? It’s a snip at £85 of your English pounds on a pay as you go plan. That makes it more expensive than the LG Cookie KP500. And that’s an exquisitely styled touchscreen phone that won't make you burn with shame a la London in 1666 each time you take a call.

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