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Top 10 BlackBerry Apps named

Top 10 BlackBerry Apps named

It’s now three months since we last delved into the world of BlackBerry applications. Top 10 Mobile Phones takes its typically learned look at the ten best applications on sale at App World to help you sort the chaff from the chuffing great.

10 Exgis Mileage Tracker

Does exactly what it says on the tin. But handily it enables you to transfer the gen into spreadsheet, which is a boon for calculating expenses.

9 Qik

This is a great little video streaming application. Its USP is that it lets you record a video on your phone while simultaneously allowing people to stream it in realtime online. Brilliant for exhibitionists everywhere.

8 iTookThisOnMyPhone

A great time saver, this automatically uploads your photos to popular and secure snap-sharing sites. All the usual suspects are supported, including Flickr, Photobucket and Picasa.

7 Brain Challenge 2: Stress Management

We love quizzes and all kinds of other brainiac geekery here at Top 10 Mobile Phones. So it’s no surprise that we’ve submitted to the charms of Brain Challenge 2. Think Brain Training, but with a brilliant feature that tests and eventually your concentration. Still the best game of its kind on the market.

6 Bloomberg

Business news providers don’t come much more prestigious than Bloomberg. This hard-working app provides users with a rich seam of information direct to their BlackBerry to allow them to make informed financial decisions.

5 Livestrong Calorie Tracker

This helps you determine a daily calorie target based on your weight and weight goal. Full listings of foodstuffs’ calorie content are available with all major chain restaurants covered.

4 Facebook

You know what this is. The BlackBerry version stands out from editions for other mobile phones thanks to its handy facility for synchronizing users’ profile pictures with their contacts.

3 StormLock

It’s hard to find fault with the BlackBerry Storm. But if we were going to be a pedant we’d say that the over-sensitivity of the screen and layout sometimes makes it easy to accidentally mute calls by placing your face too close to the display. This natty app tackles that very problem by locking the screen until the call is completed.

2 Aerize Explorer

File too big to send? Worry not. Aerize Explorer lets you save space by zipping and unzipping files in a trice.

1 Age of Empires III

Strategy games don’t come much more absorbing than the Age of Empires series. The BlackBerry edition doesn’t disappoint, packing in all the ancient armies and tactical gameplay nuances that made the PC versions hits right across the globe.

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