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  5. Boys in blue get Blackberry mobile phones

Boys in blue get Blackberry mobile phones

According to reports, 600 officers of the South Yorkshire constabulary are to be issued with BlackBerry phones for when they’re out pounding the pedways on the beat. Apparently, said handsets are to be loaded with a natty app that allows the boys in blue to access police records.


In so doing, they’ll be able to get germane gen about vehicles and potential miscreants quicker than you can say ‘Book ‘em Danno!’.

If the BlackBerrys have the desired effect and make policing in the land of whippets and bitter more efficient, it’d obviously be amazing. But I suspect that some officers will be somewhat sad to see the going of those brick-like push-to-talk walkie talkies – if only because they double as brilliant weapons in scuffles.

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