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Dell mobile phone pictures leaked?

Dell mobile phone pictures leaked?

Pictures of what is thought to be the much-anticipated Dell smartphone have leaked online, following months of rumours over its specifications.

The computer manufacturer is believed to have been working on a mobile phone for over a year, during which time it has consulted networks across the globe to help determine its functionality and appearance.

Now pictures of what is purported to be the handset have been unearthed by technology site Boy Genius, showing a mobile with an impressively large 3.5-inch touchscreen and slimline look.

The Dell phone is also reportedly home to a three megapixel camera with autofocus and 8X digital zoom as well as GPS support for easy navigation and will employ an operating system similar to Android mobile phones such as the HTC Magic and the HTC Hero.

Details of a UK launch date have yet to be confirmed but it is thought that the Dell mobile will go on sale initially in China before being given a wider release.

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