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  5. iPhone 3G S 8GB version on the way?

iPhone 3G S 8GB version on the way?

iPhone 3G S 8GB version on the way?

An 8GB version of the iPhone 3G S could be hitting stories imminently, it has been claimed, in a move that could bring the latest version of the handset within the reach of thousands of new potential buyers.

Rumours of a slimmed down version of the handset have been fuelled by technology site Boy Genius which unearthed internal memos from Canadian wireless provider Rogers.

The documents appear to indicate that the company is running down stock of the current iPhone 3G S models, which boast 16GB and 32GB of memory, to make way for a new 8GB edition.

Speculation over future developments with Apple mobiles comes amid a separate set of rumours that O2 could be about to lose exclusivity rights to sell iPhones in the UK.

It is thought that the two networks most likely to pick up the handsets are Orange and T-Mobile. The latter is apparently already giving out iPhones to high-spending customers who are threatening to leave the network.

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