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iPhone owners addicted to apps

iPhone owners addicted to apps

iPhone owners download significantly more applications than BlackBerry users, a survey has shown.

In a study conducted by research company Complete it was discovered that 72 per cent of consumers with iPhones have downloaded ten or more apps to their mobile phone

Conversely, just 27 per cent of BlackBerry owners have downloaded five or more apps.

Danielle Nohe of Complete said: "With the massive number of applications downloaded to date, the iPhone has taken an early lead in getting owners to adopt app functionality and make popular applications a part of their daily lives.

“Once users are hooked, they're very unlikely to give up their device - that makes mobile the next can't miss opportunity for marketers."

The contrast in usage patterns can be attributed in part to the fact that tens of thousands more applications are available for iPhones.

Apple’s App Store boasts 75,000 free and paid for apps. Meanwhile, BlackBerry App World has just 2,000.

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